Low Voltage DC48V Led Ceiling Pendant Track Light Housing


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LEDEAST LED Magetic Track Lighting System Low Voltage DC48V Led Ceiling Pendant Track Light Housing

Pendant Track Light Housing Low Voltage DC48V Led Ceiling Pendant Track Light Housing

NameLow Voltage Track Light Housing (DC48V)
Supported Power6W12W18W
Input VoltageLow Voltage (0-60v)
Finish ColorBlack / White / Gray
AccessoriesLamp body, lens with fixture, magetic adapter, inner box
(Without LED & power driver & PCB & magetic power adapter)
InstallationInstall with 20mm (width) low voltage track rail
ApproveCB / CE / RoHS
Main MaterialHigh Quality Aluminum + PC
ApplicationIndoor low voltage track lighting system (Magnetic)
Suited RailLEDEAST Magnet Track Rail (Ours),
Or The Same Size (20mm width) Rail From Other Company
Warranty10 Years

Pendant Track Light Housing

Company Information:

With many years of experience in the development and manufacture of general lighting have made LEDEAST technology one of the most significant innovation and technology drivers in China.

With its solid platform of experience and know-how, LEDEAST technology is not only a manufacturer of lamps but also as a reliable partner for LED technologies in a wide range of lighting applications.

Our main products covers indoor spotlights, track systems, indoor recessed fixtures, indoor recessed fixtures, indoor wall-mounted and wall-recessed luminaries, par Lights, panel Light, Bulbs, LED Strip, LED high bay light, LED flood light, LED canopy light, LED grow light etc.

You can trust for superior quality, innovative technology and superlative service. With me, with light!


Q1: Can I get few pcs samples for test?

A: Sure, sample for test firstly be available.


Q2: What’s the delivery time of the orders?

Sample can be delivery 3~7 days;

Production lead time for 100-1000pcs: <7-15 days;

1000-5000pcs: 15~25 days.


Q3: Do you have the products in stock?

A: Yes, but for some items with certain quantity only. Usually products are to be produced according to your order including samples.


Q4: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: Our factory always believe quality is our marketing.

*We will strictly control the quality of the materials, including the LED chip, the power supply ,the housing and the other related accessories.

*When finish the products, we will test 100% of the goods to check if they can works normally.

*Aging time, Usually all of our goods will keep aging for 24~72 hours, including temperature test, shock test and switch test.

*We will also do the sampling testing before packing.


Q5: What’s your warranty terms?

A: For the lamps, we have 3 years warranty. If any quality problems on our side in this period, we will arrange the repair or replacement.


Q6: Will you delivery the right goods as ordered? How can I trust you?

A: Yes, we will. The core of our company culture is honesty and credit.

We warm welcome customer or his agent or his 3nd party come to our factory for detail checking.

We protect customer’s design, sales area competiton, ideas of design and all of your private information.


LED Knowledges:

1.What is LED light?

a. LED light is equiped by LED as light source. Full name of LED is light emitting diode, which is an electronic device that lights up when electricity is passed through it.

b. Energy saving: Efficiency is 80-100lm/w now, which is over 8 times higher than efficiency of incandescent bulbs.
1W LED=3W CFL(energy saving light)=15W Incandescent / Halogen lamp
3W LED=8W CFL(energy saving light)=25W Incandescent / Halogen lamp

c. Eco-friendly: LED does not contain any leads, mercury, argon, xenon or krypton gases. Fluorescent bulb contains mercury.


2. What is CCT (color temperature)?

LED Lighting offer lamps in warm, natural, pure and cool white with color temperatures measured in Kelvin (K). The lower the color temperature is the warmer light.

NameCorrelated Color TemperatureWe called
Warm white2700K-3200K3000K
Natural white4000K-4500K4000K
Pure white5000K-5500K5000K
Cool white6000K-7000K6000K


3. How to choose the CCT?

Clothing Shop:

3.1) CCT 3000K warm white light for women’s & children’s clothing, dress, fashion & casual clothing, national style;

3.2) CCT 4000Knatural light for sports clothing, business suit & dress;

3.3) CCT 6000Kcool white light for middle-aged clothing, stage outfits;


Jewelry Shop:

3.4) Gold jewelry shop: warm white light, CCT 3000K–make your products more noble and sparkly;

3.5) Silver & Platinum & Diamond jewelry counter: cool white light, CCT > 6000K–make the products more shine and elegant.

3.6) Jade jewelry & Sapphire counter: cool white light, CCT > 7000K–make the products more glittering and translucent.


Furniture & Building Material Store:

3.7) CCT 2700Kwarm white light for classic mahogany furniture;

3.8) CCT 3000Kwarm white light for solid wood furniture, plate type, cabinet, wooden door etc;

3.9) CCT 4000Knatural light for upholstered furniture, fabric/leather sofa, rattan/ bamboo weaving furniture, steel-wood furniture, glass/marble furniture, office furniture etc.

Above suggestions just as your reference, feel free contact us for more details according to your requirements.


4. What is CRI (Color Rendering Index) / Ra?

CRI is a figure which feedback the real objects colors. Higher CRI with higher cost.

Thanks for your attention!

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